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User Testimonials


Cindy Mortzfeldt, CAIU Executive Director

I would highly suggest AgendaManager to other boards and organizations. Because of ease of use across an entire organization, paperless meetings can be a reality. Information can be shared in advance of the meeting allowing for better preparation for a meeting. There are also situations where confidentiality is essential for a particular agenda topic. Specific agenda items and/or attachments can be marked private and only available to members of that group. There is so much flexibility in assigning who can access an agenda and its contents.

We have a great application development team at the CAIU. They are constantly listening to the end users’ needs and improving and enhancing the functionality of AgendaManager!

Rennie Gibson, CAIU Board Secretary and Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director

I’ve been using AgendaManager since its inception in 2009. My role has been at an Administrators level which means that I have the ability to manage accounts, users, groups, meetings and agendas.

I have used other applications in the past and nothing has compared to the functionality and ease of use of AgendaManager. It has really simplified the process of managing groups, building agendas, making changes and distribution to attendees– it is such a time saver! I use AgendaManager for all of my meetings – Board, Advisory Councils, Leadership and Committee meetings.

There are so many great options and features. I love the template feature – I have a meeting template saved for almost all of my monthly meetings. The drag and drop feature is great when building an agenda. I really like the functionality of editing – I have so many options for text, attachments, inserting pictures, links, etc. The flexibility and security of locking agenda items and/or entire agendas is wonderful.

In addition, AgendaManager has made running meetings seamless. I can take attendance, take minutes, take private notes and take votes with ease. Navigating agendas are quite simple and project well on the big screen. The print options are really great too! After the meeting is over and it’s time to get the minutes/notes together, I am able to print/save everything that I need to a Word format, including minutes, attendance, votes, descriptions, attachments, notes.

From an end user’s perspective, accessing and navigating agendas are so simple with little training or direction needed.

The biggest thing that has impressed me most about AgendaManager is that they are always trying to improve the functionality of the application to meet the needs of the users. It is always getting better.