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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if we have trouble accessing the system?

AgendaManager offers trained support staff available during normal business hours to respond to any questions or problems you encounter. After hours support calls are answered the next business day.

Can we withhold sensitive information from the public while sharing it amongst our staff?

AgendaManager offers the ability for group administrators to allow public access to meeting agendas and attachments, or to restrict meetings to be private.

Our board members are not tech savvy. How can we get them to use AgendaManager?

AgendaManager is designed to be very user friendly. Most customers tell us that their participants can pick up the necessary navigation and usage skills very quickly. We also offer simple to use demonstration videos for a little extra help.

What is the implementation process like? How long does it take?

Since AgendaManager is internet based, it requires no downloads or special software to use. Organization administrators can easily set up group administrators, who easily begin using the AgendaManager service to support committee and board meetings.

Is there a limit to the number of attachments that can be uploaded?

No. Your organization can upload as many attachments as needed to support your needs. However, attachments and agendas will count as part of the organization’s storage limit.

Can agendas be printed? Can attachments be printed?

Yes. Both can be easily printed, and the user can specify the file type for printing.

Can I take notes in AgendaManager?

Yes. Users can take notes on each agenda item to prepare for a meeting, and then refer to those notes during the meeting. After a meeting, a user can also access their notes. These notes are personal, so they cannot be viewed by other users.

Does AgendaManager have a spell check?

All rich text editors provide a tool to assist our users with easy spell checking and suggestions for misspelled words.

Who decides what the public can see?

Group and Organization administrators can specify which agendas are public and which are private.

Does AgendaManager track votes and attendance?

Yes. AgendaManager allows the group administrator, for example a Board Secretary, to easily take attendance and record votes on agenda items.

Will we need to purchase laptops for all our users?

This is your decision. AgendaManager is easily accessible by most common web browsers. No special software or equipment is needed. Some organizations provide computers for attendees to use during meetings, while others project the agendas on a screen for attendees to see during the meeting. Projecting the agenda during the meeting affords all participants to view the notes or minutes as they are being taken.

Our live support team is available Monday-Friday, 7:30 am–4:45 pm Eastern Time (US)

 Phone: (717) 732-8430

You can also email us at . Please leave your name, organization, and phone number.