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Anytime, Anywhere Access

Anytime, Anywhere Access

No one wants to create agendas on their vacation. But with AgendaManager you could. AgendaManager is a web application that can be used anywhere you have internet access. That way you, and all your meeting attendees, can always see the latest version of any agenda, supporting documentation and minutes.


Save Time. Eliminate Hassle

Creating agendas and organizing supporting documentation is time consuming. And, inevitably, just as the agenda packet has been completed, something is changed and you have to start over. AgendaManager makes this process painless and fast. It’s so easy; you might even look forward to changes.

Save money. And trees.

If you’re printing and collating agenda packets, you’re spending money on printing, paper and probably postage. Not to mention valuable time. With AgendaManager you’ll save. Save money. Save time. And, even a few trees.


Flexibility matters. With AgendaManager you can create meeting agendas that can be seen by any public person visiting the site. Or, you can designate access to specific members. For those tricky agendas, you can make the entire agenda public but limit access to certain items — everyone sees only what’s relevant to them.


AgendaManager’s navigation is clear and concise. Functions are easy to understand and aren’t buried under bells and whistles. You’ll access all of the relevant content you need through a streamlined interface that’s intuitive and easy-to-use.

Collaboration & Transparency

AgendaManager has a feature that allows members to suggest agenda items. So you can still build your agenda, but now you can easily have input from your members. You can also direct all of your stakeholders to one web-based location to obtain information about your organization’s operations. Making communication and transparency a breeze.

Reduce complexity and confusion

Check your email. Connect to the network drive. Access the Google doc. Read your interoffice mail. So much to do and a little confusing. AgendaManager helps to eliminate this confusion by allowing you to store all of your agendas and associated information in one, easy-to-access, online location. Simple as that.

  • Some ways AgendaManager can be used:
    • Board meetings that require public posting of agendas and minutes.
    • Department meetings where the agenda is viewable only to specific people.
    • Student council meetings that can be shared with the entire student body.
    • For a busy CEO to review all the organization’s meetings in one location.
    • For a municipal or county government to keep their community stakeholders informed.
  • Why AgendaManager?
    • Simplified meetings means agendas are easy to build and changes can be made with a few simple mouse clicks.
    • Easy access means one location, accessible via an internet connection, with one login to all meeting and agenda related information.
    • Paperless delivery = efficiency and means saving money and time. No more printing, collating and mailing.
    • Your content is securely hosted and backed up.
    • You’ll receive training and assistance during your initial implementation period and then great support to ensure your ongoing success.