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With AgendaManager, collaboration with your team has never been easier!

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AgendaManager allows you to organize your agendas, record minutes, and take attendance with just a few clicks!

Any Meeting, Any Time, Anywhere

Virtual, Hybrid, or Face-to-Face, Keep everyone informed!

Organize. Communicate. Manage.

Share agendas and information in a secure environment

Specify when an agenda can display to the public, and easily identify groups and members to view private agendas. Communicate key information in board meetings, administrative meetings, faculty meetings, departmental meetings, and any other meetings in your district.

Locate agendas and minutes easily

Eliminate searching endlessly through email, paper documents, shared drives, and computer files to find your agendas, minutes, and notes.

Provide the most updated information

Your board members, public and meeting attendees will have access to accurate and timely agendas even if you’ve just added items or attachments at the last minute.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Go truly paperless with private notes for meeting attendees. Reduce paper and printing costs by posting agendas on-line and only print if necessary.

Meetings made simple.

Time, paper, postage—costs that add up.
You can find just about anything online in just a few minutes. You can video chat with your friends and family hundreds of miles away. And, you can carry your entire calendar in your pocket right next to your music library. But, you’re probably using an outdated method to prepare for your meetings. Watch the short introduction video for a glimpse of how AgendaManager can help you distribute your meeting agendas and documents with ease and eliminate the waste and hassle of last minute changes.
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